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Euroset SPAIN 2016 - Murcia

€32,50 EUR

We have run out of stock for this item.

Euro set from the Autonomies of Spain 2016 series with all the euro coins corresponding to the National Euro issue of the Kingdom of Spain minted and packaged by the Royal Mint (Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), with uncirculated coins. Limited and numbered run.


Face value Weight Diameter
1 Cent €0.01 2.30g 16.25mm
2 Cent €0.02 3.06g 18.75mm
5 Cent €0.05 3.92g 21.25mm
10 Cent €.1 4.10g 19.75mm
20 Cent €0.2 5.74g 22.25mm
50 Cent €0.5 7.80g 24.25mm
1 Euro 7.50g 23.25mm
2 Euro 8.50g 25.75mm
2 Euro commemorative 8.50g 25.75mm
Community Medal --- 6.72g 24mm

Includes a silver medal


Murcia Region

The region is one of the largest producers of fruits, vegetables and flowers in Europe. It also has an important tourism sector. Its industry stands out for the petrochemical sector and the food industry.

The Region of Murcia is a single-provincial autonomous community, located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, between Andalusia (provinces of Granada and Almería) and the Valencian Community (province of Alicante), and between the Mediterranean coast and Castilla-La Mancha (province of Albacete). Its capital is the city of Murcia, which is the headquarters of the regional institutional bodies, with the exception of the Regional Assembly, which has its headquarters in Cartagena. Its Statute of Autonomy was approved on June 9, 1982. The official language is Spanish