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Euroset SPAIN 2016 - Principality of Asturias

€32,50 EUR

Euro set from the Autonomies of Spain 2016 series with all the euro coins corresponding to the National Euro issue of the Kingdom of Spain minted and packaged by the Royal Mint (Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), with uncirculated coins. Limited and numbered run.


Face value Weight Diameter
1 Cent €0.01 2.30g 16.25mm
2 Cent €0.02 3.06g 18.75mm
5 Cent €0.05 3.92g 21.25mm
10 Cent €.1 4.10g 19.75mm
20 Cent €0.2 5.74g 22.25mm
50 Cent €0.5 7.80g 24.25mm
1 Euro 7.50g 23.25mm
2 Euro 8.50g 25.75mm
2 Euro commemorative 8.50g 25.75mm
Community Medal --- 6.72g 24mm

Includes a silver medal


Principality of Asturias

He Principality of Asturias is a uniprovincial autonomous community. Limit to the west with the province of Lugo (Galicia), to the north with the sea Cantabrian, to the east with Cantabria and to the south with the province of León (Castilla y León). It receives the name of Principality for reasons historical events, as the heir to the Crown of Spain holds the title nobility of "prince of Asturias", established by Juan I of Castile in the year 1388. Its capital is the city of Oviedo, while Gijón It is its most populated city.

Has a legislative assembly called the General Board of the Principality, in souvenir of an ancient medieval institution representing the councils before the Crown. It has two languages ​​of its own: Asturian or bable, and Eonaviego or Galician-Asturian, spoken in the councils of the western end and which enjoys a similar status.

Its Statute of Autonomy was approved on January 30, 1982.