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25 cents CANADA 2013 - Heroes of 1812 "Laura Secord"

€1,50 EUR

25 cents CANADA 2013 - Heroes of 1812 "Laura Secord" (COLOR)

Part of the Heroes of the War of 1812 series.
Long before her name became synonymous with chocolate, Laura Secord (1775-1868) played a pivotal role in our nation's success during the War of 1812. Listening to American officers discuss their intention to ambush a British outpost and capture his commanding officer, Secord trekked 30 kilometers on foot to successfully alert 400 First Nations warriors and Lieutenant James FitzGibbon. Upon reaching Beaver Dams, the American forces were ambushed by First Nations warriors and 50 British soldiers, and were eventually forced to surrender.

This unique portrait coin is one of four in a series celebrating Canadian heroes of the War of 1812; and part of a larger collection commemorating the 200th anniversary of this important event.

Designed by Canadian artist Bonnie Ross, this coin features a three-quarter profile of Laura Secord on an intricately engraved background featuring the bilingual text "The War of 1812 / La guerre de 1812." The background is divided horizontally by a polished silver band featuring the word "SECORD" raised in cursive letters. Below the band is engraved and painted the Government of Canada's War of 1812 logo, composed of the date "1812" in stylized script on a stylized maple leaf with crossed ecru swords behind it. The reverse also features the face value of "25 cents."

Each roll contains 40 Royal Canadian Mint coins issued in 2013, 1812 Canadian Heroes 25 Cents - Laura Secord quarters (some coloured) in their original unopened condition.
Note: The photo in this item is just a stock image.


  • Face value: 25 cents
  • Circulation: 6,250,000
  • Composition: 94% steel, 3.8% copper, 2.2% nickel-plated
  • Weight (g): 4.4
  • Diameter (mm): 23.88
  • Finish: BU