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Leuchtturm Capsules

€4,25 EUR

Inside            Exterior Height
14mm 20mm ca. 2.7mm    
15mm 21mm ca. 2.7mm
16mm 22.5mm ca. 2.7mm
16.5mm 22.5mm ca. 2.7mm
17mm 22.5mm ca. 2.7mm
18mm 25mm ca. 2.7mm
19mm 25mm ca. 2.8mm
19.5mm 25mm ca. 2.8mm
20mm 26mm ca. 2.8mm
21mm 27mm ca. 3.1mm
21.5mm 27.5mm ca. 2.7mm
22mm 28.5mm ca. 3.1mm
22.5mm 28.5mm ca. 3.1mm
23mm 29mm ca. 3.2mm
24mm 30mm ca. 3.2mm
24.5mm 30.5mm ca. 2.9mm
25mm 32mm ca. 3.2mm
26mm 32mm ca. 2.6mm
27mm 33mm ca. 2.9mm
28mm 34mm ca. 2.9mm
29mm 35mm ca. 2.9mm
30mm 35mm ca. 3.2mm
30.5mm 37mm ca. 3.2mm
31mm 37mm ca. 3.2mm
32mm 38mm ca. 2.8mm
32.5mm 37.5mm ca. 2.7mm
33mm 39mm ca. 2.9mm
34mm 40mm ca. 2.9mm
35mm 41mm ca. 2.9mm
36mm 42mm ca. 3.1mm
   37mm 42mm ca. 3.0mm
38mm 44mm ca. 3.1mm
39mm 45mm ca. 2.9mm
40mm 45mm ca. 3.2mm
41mm 47mm ca. 3.0mm
42mm 48mm ca. 3.6mm
43mm 49mm ca. 3.6mm
44mm 50mm ca. 3.8mm