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8 reales SPAIN 1761 - Carlos III MM. Mexico "COLUMNARY"

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8 reales SPAIN 1761 - Carlos III MM. Mexico "COLUMNARY"

Beautiful and scarce 8 reales coin minted in silver in the year 1761 MM in the Mexican mint. Columnar Type

Charles III of Spain Charles III of Bourbon, was Duke of Parma between 1731 and 1735, King of Naples and King of Sicily from 1734 to 1759 and of Spain from 1759 until his death. He has received nicknames like the Politician and the Best Mayor of Madrid.

1761. Charles III. Mexico. MM. 8 reais. (AC. 1034). 26.91g. Columnar.

  • Country Spain
  • Year : 1761
  • King : Charles III
  • Mint : Mexico MM