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500 tenge KAZAKHSTAN 2015 - Terpsiphone paradisi

€69,99 EUR

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Country : Kazakhstan

Year : 2015

Face value : 500 tenge

Diameter : 38.61? 28.81mm

Metal : Silver .999

Weight : 31.31 grams

Circulation : 3,000 pieces

Quality : Proof

"Paradise Flycatcher"

Paradise Flycatcher is the only representative of tropical flycatchers in our country. This is a small bright red bird with a long tail and bright folded tuft on its head. It only breeds in the western Tien Shan and Karatau mountain ranges and the entire regions of South Kazakhstan and Zhambyl within.

Obverse : The stylized image of the planet Earth in the hands, symbolizing the attitude of interest to all residents; Marked "TENGE 500" and «Ag 925 January 31 g"; The inscription "Kazakhstan Ulttyk BANK?" in the state and "National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan" in English; The inscriptions are separated along the shape of points.
Reverse : terpsiphone in forest undergrowth; image of terpsiphone and sheet of paper in color pad printing; Inscription «SHYBYNSHY TOR?AY" on the state and the words 'terpsiphone' in Latin on the shape; the number "2015" indicating the year of minting.