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500 tenge KAZAKHSTAN 2016 - Kultegin

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Country : Kazakhstan

Year : 2016

Face value : 500 tenge

Diameter : 30? 45mm

Metal : Silver .925

Weight : 31.1g

Circulation : 3,000 pieces

Quality : Proof

Obverse of the coins in the central part there is an ornamental rosette, in the inner part of which there is the emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the inscription "????????? ????????????" in the official language and "REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN" in Russian. In the bottom, the inscription "500 ?????" which indicates the currency denomination, at the top - the Bank's logo National of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the surface of the mirror, a thread-like ornamental pattern is applied. On the perimeter of the coins there is a wide border, on which inscribes "2016", which designates the year of minting and "Ag 925 31.1g", which They denote the metal from which the coin is made, its sample and mass.
Reverse of the coins in the center is a relief, rusty "under the stone", an image of a fragment of the sculpture of the Turkish leader, against the background of a fragment of runic writing from the stele of the famous Orkhon memorial complex. Kant It is made in the form of a stylized stone frame, emphasizing the coin's image connection with the Orkhon complex. The inscription "????????" in the stylistics of Turkish runic writing and the name of the coin series in three languages: "GAVE KAZINASY" on the official language, "STEPPE TREASURES" in Russian and "STEPPE TREASURES" in English, It is found in Kant.