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500 dram ARMENIA 2017 - Noah's Ark

€9,99 EUR

We have here one of the most beautiful bills to date with a very good presentation, it comes with a blister in which you can see part of the bill as if it were the mountain and a door with a golden cross.

The banknote with a face value of 500 dram issued by Armenia in 2017.

It has a size of 140 x 76 mm and has been designed by Aram Urutyan.

Front : Images of Reliquary with a fragment of Noah's Ark and the Etchmiadzin Monastery, in the background - Mount Ararat.

Rear : Images of Noah and his family with animals and birds around them, in the background: Mount Ararat.

Below I show you the numerous security measures it has:

Main security features
Substrate The banknote has been printed on Hybrid™ - a high quality composite substrate based on a cotton paper, which is covered with thin polyester layers on both sides.

The multi-tone watermark with an image of the Noah's Ark and the two-tone watermark reflecting the nominal value of the banknote.
2. Security thread
A window security thread with an effect of color shifting from gold to green: contains bright “swimming” 3D circles and interchangeable sections – an image of the Noah's Ark and de-metallized patterns “500” and “AMD”.
3.Transparent window
Transparent window with a precisely defined image of the Noah's Ark.
4. Intaglio printing
On the front of the banknote the images of the Noah's Ark reliquary and the Monastery of Etchmiadzin, as well as the nominal value of the banknote in figures and in letters are printed in intaglio – they have a raised surface, which one can feel with fingertips .
5. Microtext and microimages
The front and back sides of the banknote are equipped with micro-text and micro-images, which can be identified with a magnifying glass.
6. UV features
The front and back of the banknote have areas printed with fluorescent ink, which become visible only under ultraviolet light.

Security foil on the front of the banknote containing 3D image of the Noah's Ark fragment with dynamic and color shifting effects from gold to green, as well as bright patterns in the upper and lower parts of the Noah's Ark reliquary.

8. Optically variable ink
Security feature on the front of the banknote in the form of a dove with an olive branch in its mouth: contains color shifting effect from gold to green and a bright “swimming” 3D circles.