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50 tenge KAZAKHSTAN 2014 - Taykazan Holy Cauldron

€2,75 EUR

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Country : Kazakhstan

Year 2014

Face value : 50 tenge

Diameter : 31mm

Thickness : 2mm

Weight : 11.17 grams

Circulation : 50,000 pieces

Quality : Uncirculated


This coin with face of 50 tenge is the first of a series called Treasures of the Steppe, and is dedicated to a kind of giant cauldron without handles called Taikazan, located in the mausoleum of Ahmed Yasawi in the city of Turkestan.

For the Turkish peoples these cauldrons were a symbol of unity and hospitality, so special emphasis was placed on its size and appearance. The so-called Taikazan, which is represented on the coin, tells with a diameter of 2.45 meters and a weight of two tons, being the largest famous and great of all known. Legend has it that it is composed of an alloy of seven metals