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5 hryven UKRAINE 2016 - Fire truck

€7,99 EUR

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Country : Ukraine

Year : 2016

Quality : S/C

Face value : 5 hryven

Circulation : 40,000 units

Diameter :31mm

Weight : 16.5g

Metal : Nickel

  • Obverse : Coin minted by the Ukrainian Mint and was designed by the painter and sculptor Vladimir Demyanenko. He Obverse includes a detailed color image of the first truck motorized firefighters together with the crew that trained the firefighters of the day. The design is based on an actual photograph, first published more than 100 years ago, of the engine and its crew. Above the color representation is the text ???????? ???????????? (car fire truck) and 100 ????? (100 years).
  • Reverse : reverse includes a period firefighter's helmet superimposed on an ax cross (used to access structures during a fire to rescue possible victims) and a wrench (used to turn on the hydrants and valves on the fire truck). Two fire hose nozzles are also depicted. Above the helmet is the national crest or insignia of Ukraine; Below, the denomination of the 5 Hryvnia coin. The year of issue 2016 is placed just to the left of the primary design