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5 hryven UKRAINE 2023 - The courage to be Ukrainian

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5 hryven UKRAINE 2023 - The courage to be Ukrainian

Description :

Dedicated to the bravery of the Ukrainian nation. Ukrainians stop tanks with their bare hands, participate in rallies and demonstrations, defend their own identity and independence, rescue people and animals, day and night, and work tirelessly every day, under fire, without electricity or water for their future, for his life, for the prosperity of his country and for victory: the victory of light over darkness, because Ukraine is a country of brave people. Every Ukrainian embodies courage!

Obverse of the nickel silver coin features a stylized composition that symbolizes the courage of the Ukrainian people to be at the forefront of global history and create this history: on a matte background there is a smooth leaf; above is the small coat of arms of Ukraine; Below on the right are the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine), the year of issue of the coin: 2023, the nominal value of the coin 5 and the graphic symbol of the hryvnia. To the left of the sheet is the mint mark of the BNU banknote printing and minting factory.

Reverse : on a plain background, a stylized composition depicting the phenomenon of courage and heroic resistance of Ukraine: in the center of the composition there is a star (the star is gold-plated on the silver coin), which began to shine thanks to the courage and determination of Ukrainians. This courage has destroyed the enemy's “set in stone” imperial ambitions, ambitions that had long been cultivated and nurtured. In the center is the following legend: СМІЛИВІСТЬ БУТИ. UA (The Courage of Being. UA).

  • Diameter: 35.00 mm.
  • Weight: 16.54 grams
  • Circulation: 75,000 units