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5 hryven UKRAINE 2022 - Oh, the Guelph rose in the meadow

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5 hryven UKRAINE 2022 - Oh, the Guelph rose in the meadow


This coin celebrates a Ukrainian folk song, whose author is known. After Russia's war against Ukraine, this song is sung with renewed vigor as a modern symbol of Ukraine's indomitability and resistance to Russian invasion. Ukrainian songs are brilliant poetic stories and a spiritual and moral treasure of the Ukrainian people. It is one of the songs that the good, generous and beautiful souls of Ukrainians speak. The songs reflect ideals, such as love for the country, rejection of any oppression, courage and bravery in the fight against the enemy. "Oh, the Guelder-Rose in the Meadow" is one of those songs, as its story is the story of the Ukrainian people. This folk song, which has been known since Cossack times in the 17th century, was developed, added to and given new meaning during the Ukrainian revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. It is now sung all over the world in different languages, uniting Ukrainians with previous generations of freedom fighters in Ukraine.

Obverse: against a plain background, on the left, is the small coat of arms of Ukraine; in the center, there is a stylized symbolic composition: different generations of defenders: a Cossack, a rifleman and a modern soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and a modern soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are raising a guelder - a poetic symbol of Ukraine, whose nominal value of the currency - 5 and the graphic symbol of the hryvnia; On the right, below the face value of the coin, is the coin mark of the NBU banknote printing and minting works.

Reverse: Against a soft background, above is the semicircular legend that continues the song: ? ?? ???? ?????? ???????, ???, ??? (And we will cheer on our glorious Ukraine, hey, hey, sign up!) ; In the center there is a branch with guelder rose leaf and berries.