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5 hryven UKRAINE 2016 - 100 years rifle battles Mount Lysonia

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Put into circulation: September 2, 2016
Technical Specifications
Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage edge Mintage, pcs
nickel silver 16.54 35
special uncirculated corrugated 30000

The coin commemorates the feat performed by a legion of Ukrainian Sich riflemen. Does hundred years, the legion achieved a victory in the battle for Mt. Lysonia, after having stopped the advance of the Russian army in the city ​​of Berezhany during the Brusilov offensive. The legion was a Ukrainian volunteer military unit within the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I.

Obverse : above is the small coat of arms of Ukraine and the legend ??????? (Ukraine); in In the center, on a plain background, is the following composition conventional: on a florist's flower crown there is a heraldic lion of foot on a cliff, which has the legend ?.?.?. 1914 (USR 1914) (from the emblem of Ukrainian Sich riflemen); below is the face value of the coin 5??????? (5 hryvnias), the issue of coins of the year 2016 and the brand of the NBU Banknote Minting and Printing Works.

Reverse : there is a conventional composition of a military trumpeter against the outline of the modern war memorial on Mount Lysonia and the legends 100-???????????? ????????????? ?????? ????????? (100 years from battles fought by a legion of Ukrainian Sich riflemen) (above, semicircular) and ?? ???? ?????? (on Mount Lysonia).

Designer : Volodymyr Taran, Oleksandr Kharuk, Serhii Kharuk
Engraver0 : Volodymyr Demianenko, Volodymyr Atamanchuk