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5 hryven UKRAINE 2015 - Pidhirtsi castle

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Put into circulation: 23 September 2015
Technical Specifications
Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage edge Mintage, pcs
nickel silver 16.54 35
special uncirculated corrugated 35000

Series: Architectural monuments of Ukraine

The coins commemorative monuments are dedicated to Pidhirtsi Castle, a work historical and architectural master of the 17th century, one of the castles most beautiful Ukrainians of the Renaissance style.

Obverse : above, is the legend ??????? (UKRAINE) under which the Small Shield of Ukraine is located; below, the face value: 5 / ??????? (5/hryvnias); In the center, there is a conventional baroque cartouche with the plan of the castle. On the German silver coin below is the mark of the Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine on the left.

Reverse : the Pidhirtsi castle is depicted, in the foreground, there are horsemen; Against a soft background, are the legends: ???????????? ????? (PIDHIRTSI CASTLE) (above, in a semicircle), XVII c?. (17th century) (below).
Designer : Mykola Kochubei
Engraver : Sviatoslav Ivanenko, Volodymyr Atamanchuk