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5 euros PORTUGAL 2023 - Unicorn

€8,50 EUR

5 euros PORTUGAL 2023 - Unicorn

The “Heroes and Creatures of Mythology” commemorative coin series, which celebrates universal characters that connect successive generations, opens with the Unicorn. Today we know him as a friendly white horse, with a harmless horn and a rainbow-hued mane. The unicorn represents goodness, purity and the ability to dream. But it was not always like this.

Today, more than a theme for children's parties or a name given to successful startups, the unicorn is a testimony to our infinite capacity to create stories and transform misunderstandings into legends.

This coin was designed by the illustrator Susa Monteiro (1979), born in Beja, who has published several books, held group and individual exhibitions and has already received several distinctions, which makes it one of the new trends in national illustration.

Country : Portugal
Year : 2023

Author : Susa Monteiro
Face value : 5 Euros
Metal : Nickel
Finish : Uncirculated
Diameter : 30.00mm
Mintage : 30000
Weight : 14g