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40 euros SPAIN 2022 - V anniversary of the round the world trip (PROOF)

€64,00 EUR

€40 SPAIN 2021 - V anniversary of around the world

Information :  https://www.numismatica-visual.es

On the reverse, in the central part of the coin, there appears a world map by the Italian cartographer Battista Agnese, an image from the collections of the National Library of Spain, in which a representation of the ship Victoria appears. At the top, in a circular shape and in capital letters, the legend V CENTENARY AROUND THE WORLD. Below, the value of the piece, 40 EURO, the mint mark and, within a circle, in the form of a latent quadruple image, a ship, the mint mark, a five-pointed star and 22.

On the obverse the superimposed effigies of Their Majesties the Kings are reproduced
Don Felipe VI and Doña Letizia. At the top of the coin, in a circular direction and in
capital letters, the legend FELIPE VI AND LETIZIA. At the bottom of the coin, in
capital letters, the legend SPAIN and the year of minting 2022, separated by a flower of
lis. Surrounding the motives and legends one pearl beading.

As a special security feature, the FNMT patented the quadruple latent image.
Depending on the viewing angle it is possible to see different images. This coin shows the Nao Victoria, the FNMT mintmark, a star and the year 22.

Currency Features

Country Spain
Year Issued 2022
Shape Circular with smooth edge
Quality PROOF
Diameter 33mm
Face Value 40 Euro
Purity 925
Metal Silver
Weight 18g
Maximum print run 10,000