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25 cents CANADA 2023 - Caribou (2022 Queen Elizabeth)

€2,50 EUR

25 cents CANADA 2023 - Caribou (2022 Queen Elizabeth)

A limited opportunity to obtain uncirculated 2023 Collector's Edition 25-cent quarter coins.

As we focus our attention on commemorating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022), the Mint will not issue any Canadian circulating coins dated 2023 that feature both the traditional reverse designs and an obverse featuring the Queen Isabel II. Instead, we offer a collector's edition of these annual issues that have been published in limited quantities. These are non-circulating coins, meaning they are legal tender but are not intended for general circulation.

Especially for collectors. A rare issue, these coins are available exclusively as part of the Annual Gift Sets, Collector's Edition Coin Set, and Special Wrap Roll Set.

The obverse design shows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in right profile at age 77, surrounded by the Latin inscription "ELIZABETH II DG REGINA". The Royal Canadian Mint's private mark is located below the bust. This effigy was designed by Susanna Blunt. The obverse also bears a special mark that includes four pearls symbolizing the four effigies that have adorned Canadian coins and the double date of his reign.

Designed by Emanuel Hahn, the coin features an image of a caribou head facing left. The name is found between the antlers. The text on the left says "CANADA", while the text on the right shows the date.


  • Face value: 25 cents
  • Mintage: N/A
  • Composition: 94% steel, 3.8% copper, 2.2% nickel-plated
  • Weight (g): 4.4
  • Diameter (mm): 23.88
  • Finish: BU