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20 euros FRANCE 2023 - Napoleon

€50,00 EUR

€20 FRANCE 2023 - Napoleon

Since 2008, Monnaie de Paris has honored the symbols of French numismatics for three years by reviewing them through the codes of contemporary numismatics. After the Sower, Hercules, the Rooster, Marianne as well as the natural symbols, the Monnaie de Paris honors from 2023 three historical and emblematic coins that have built the French numismatic heritage. Reinterpretation of the Napoleonic franc engraved by Jean-Jacques BARRE, this coin presents on its obverse a laureate portrait of Emperor Napoleon III. His profile was strongly inspired by that of his uncle Napoleon I, having built his image himself, inspired by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. To the right of his profile, we find the Napoleonic coat of arms initially present on the reverse of imperial coins.

The reverse of this new collection highlights the three time periods to which the three inspirations of this trilogy belong. Inscribed in a hexagon, these three graphic friezes interpret the French flag in its heraldic form. The nominal value, the acronym RF and the guarantee marks complete the composition of this reverse.

First part of the "Ors de France" series, this coin is an ideal gift for enthusiasts and history lovers alike.

Diameter: 33mm

Metal: SILVER metal 900‰

Weight: 16g

Quality: PROOF

Print run: 3000

Year: 2023

Face value: €20