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2 hryven UKRAINE 2023 - Pavlo Skoropadskyi

€6,50 EUR

2 hryven UKRAINE 2023 - Pavlo Skoropadskyi

Description :

This coin celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Pavlo Skoropadskyi, Ukrainian political and state figure, military leader and hetman of Ukraine (1918). After coming to power, Skoropadskyi – who descended from an old Cossack family – focused on solving the state's economic and financial problems, launched land reform and developed the armed forces of the Ukrainian state. He also made a significant contribution to national and cultural policies: he helped establish several state scientific, cultural and educational institutions in Ukraine. In less than eight months, he managed to achieve considerable economic changes and improve the health of the state's finances. His Letter to all Ukrainian people, dated April 29, 1918, declared that private property rights, which lay the foundations of culture and civilization, are being fully restored.

Obverse : below, on a plain background, is the small coat of arms of Ukraine and the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine); On the right is the year of issue of the coin, 2023; in the center, against the backdrop of the stylized series of waving flags, is a triangle (a vignette by Heorhiy Narbut) representing the cultural and economic prosperity of the Ukrainian state achieved under the Skoropadskyi Hetmanate; around the triangle are the following legends: УКРАЇНІЗАЦІЯ (promotion of Ukrainian language and culture) (top), ОСВІТА (education) (on the left) and ГРИВНЯ (hryvnia) (on the right); above, on a plain background, are the face value 2 of the coin and the graphic sign of the hryvnia; Below, on the left, the mint mark of the BNU banknote printing and minting factory.

Reverse : on the right is a portrait of Pavlo Skoropadskyi; To the left of the portrait is a composition symbolizing the Ukrainian Revolution; Above, on a soft background, are the years of Skoropadskyi's birth and death 1873 • 1945; below is the legend ПАВЛО/СКОРОПАДСЬКИЙ (Pavlo/Skoropadskyi).

  • Diameter: 31.00 mm.
  • Weight: 12.8 grams
  • Circulation: 30,000 units