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2 hryven UKRAINE 2022 - 100 years since the establishment Kharkiv University

€7,00 EUR

2 hryven UKRAINE 2022 - 100 years since the establishment Kharkiv University

Description :

This coin celebrates the only university in Ukraine that carries out training and retraining of engineers, providing a variety of specialties and specializations related to the technical, social and economic spheres of the functioning and development of cities and regions. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv is a modern scientific and educational institution, which also includes an educational and methodological department, a scientific library, industry-specific scientific and research units, numerous educational and scientific centers, architectural workshops and artistic, etc. The university carries out extensive scientific research in urban economics.

Obverse : above is the small coat of arms of Ukraine, to the right of which is the legend ??????? (Ukraine); in the center is the university logo; Below is the legend 2022/2/?????? (2022/2/hryvnias);

Reverse : there is the following stylized composition: a monument to the outstanding architect Oleksii Beketov (on the left) and the central part of the facade of the university building (on the right), and the legend 100/????? (100/years) (above the building); There is also the following circular legend: ?? ?. ?. ???????? (Beketov National University of Urban Economics in Kharkiv).

  • Diameter: 31.00 mm.
  • Weight: 12.8 grams
  • Circulation: 25,000 units