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2 hryven UKRAINE 2015 - Oleshky Arenal

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Put into circulation: September 23, 2015
Technical Specifications
Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage edge Mintage, pcs
nickel silver 12.8 31
special uncirculated corrugated 35000

The coin memorial is dedicated to the Oleshky sands, a natural object unique and one of the largest stretches of sand in Europe of at least 150 km long and 30 km wide (Kherson Oblast).

Obverse : against matte background of a desert landscape with the person's steps (on the left) is the Small Shield of Ukraine (above) below which there is the legend: ??????? (UKRAINE); On the right is the year of issue - 2015; Below is the face value - 2/?????? (2/hryvnias) and the mark of the Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Reverse : against the matte background of a desert landscape, a lizard is depicted; Above, there is the semicircular legend: ????????????? ????? (OLESHKY SANDS).

Designer : Sviatoslav Ivanenko
Engraver : Sviatoslav Ivanenko