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2 euros ANDORRA 2017 - Andorra, the Country of the Pyrenees

€21,00 EUR

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2 euros andorra 2017 The country of the pyrenees

Country: Principality of Andorra.

Issue date : December 2017.

Maximum circulation : 85,000.

Reason : Andorra - the country of the Pyrenees.

Description of the drawing : the drawing reproduces, in the upper part, a triangle Consisting of three undulating ribbons, which stylized represents the map of the country, with the inscriptions «Andorra» and «EL PAÍS DELS PYRENEES» (the country of the Pyrenees).

These three elements make up the brand, property of the Government of Andorra, which It is used to confer a uniform, coherent and coordinated image to all graphic communications and, at the same time, achieve
unmistakable and instant identification.

At the bottom of the drawing the year of issue appears: "2017".

The 12 stars of the European flag are represented on the outer ring of the coin.