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2 bolivars VENEZUELA 2016 - 100 bills

€18,50 EUR

Beautiful 2 bolivar bill issued by Venezuela in 2016

  • Identification code : bbcv2bss-aa
  • Dimensions : 156mm x 69mm
  • General : Multicolor design with turquoise and red as predominant colors.
  • Obverse : Design with vertical orientation. At the top, " BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA ". Below, the denomination in number " 2 ", the date, the denomination in letters " DOS BOLÍVARES ", the payment clause " PAYABLE TO THE BEARER IN THE OFFICES OF THE BANK " and the signatories. On the right, watermarks zone. At the bottom, Josefa Camejo of the Josefa Camejo International Airport, with the designation number " 2 " under. The serial numbers are located on the top right and bottom left rotated 90 degrees clockwise clock.
  • Reverse : Design with horizontal orientation. In the center, over the field Yellow-headed Parrot ( Amazona barbadensis ) with Cayo Sal in Morrocoy National Park. On the right, watermarks zone. At the top left, the name of the issuer " BANCO CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA ". On the left, National Shield. At the bottom right, the denomination in number " 2 " and the denomination in letters " DOS BOLÍVARES ".
  • Some security elements : 3D windowed security thread in 3 windows with " BCV "; watermarks, secondary security thread, invisible ink (ultraviolet), perfect registration. On the obverse latent image " BCV " at the bottom.
  • Watermark : " BCV " and portrait of Simón Bolívar by Philippe Froesch.

Information: https://www.numismatica.info.ve/es/billetes/bbcv2bss-aa.htm