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100 tenge KAZAKHSTAN 2014 - Cygnus Cygnus

€46,00 EUR

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Country : Kazakhstan

Year 2014

Face value : 100 tenge

Diameter : 38.61? 28.81mm

Metal : Silver .999

Weight : 31.1 grams

Circulation : 13,000 pieces

Quality : Proof

Cygnus swan (Cygnus Cygnus) is a large water swan weighing 7-10 kilos (sometimes even more). Its body is elicit, the length of the neck is equal to the length of the body. Swan holds its neck in the upright position, without bending it into the "S" curve, unlike other swans.

The “CYGNUS CYGNUS” commemorative coins are made according to the
Agreement on the issuance and distribution of currencies between the Bank National Mint of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Polish Mint and Kazakh mint. The coin is oval in shape.

Obverse : the coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan; An inscription “Ag 925 24 g” means metal, minting standard and mass; An image of two national ornamental elements; An inscription “100 ?????” means the face value mark of the Kazakhstan Mint; And inscription «?????» in the lower sector; An element of national ornament secularly represented in the left and right sectors; Inscriptions «????????? ????????????» in Kazakh and «?????????? ?????????» in Russian throughout the circumference.

Reverse : golden image of the CYGNUS CYGNUS in front of the water surface; Number “2014” means year of minting and registered trademark of Kazakhstan Mint; An inscription “Ag 925 24 g” means metal, minting standard and mass; Inscriptions «????????? ????» in Kazakh and «CYGNUS CYGNUS» in Latin - zoological name.