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10 yuan CHINA 2018 - Dog

€3,25 EUR

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The bank China's People's Republic prepares to issue the most circulating currency expected, like every year, by its citizens. It is the currency that dedicated to the animal that according to the Chinese horoscope corresponds to 2018, taking into account that the new year begins for them on the 19th of February 2018, the year that corresponds according to the traditional calendar Chinese to the year 4716, and according to its zodiac it belongs to the Year of the Dog.

When issues this currency, the first part of the issue is planned for the last days of January, there is a great collapse in the banks that the distributed, even though they can only be picked up by appointment and in a Limited quantity per person. This year 350 million are announced These coins, which every Chinese citizen wants to have because they consider them as a lucky charm for the coming year.

The reverse shows the stylized image of a dog, completing the composition some floral decorations and a typical Chinese lantern.

The obverse shows the face value of the currency in both letters and numbers on a floral ornament. The year of issue “2018” is also shown in the bottom and the text “Popular Bank of China” at the top.

Above We see the security measures that the currency has, in which The latent image that we see at the top stands out.

source : www.numismaticavisual.com


Country : China
Year : 2018
Face value : 10 Yuan 10 CNY = 1.34 EUR
Metal : Bi Metallic
Weight : 9.2g
Diameter : 27mm
Thickness : 2.1mm
Circle shape