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10 hryven UKRAINE 2022 - The Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

€3,70 EUR

10 hryven UKRAINE 2022 - Armed Forces of Ukraine “Special Forces”


This coin celebrates the navy, a separate branch of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, designed to deter or repel, together with other branches of the Armed Forces, other military formations and law enforcement authorities, preventing armed aggression against Ukraine from the sea and in coastal areas, and protecting Ukraine's sovereignty and state interests. The Ukrainian army is an army of indomitable and undefeated fighters and true patriots who, in this time of war, are demonstrating courage, bravery, fortitude, willpower and a great desire to defeat the enemy. Today, millions of Ukrainians are supporting and helping Ukrainian defenders, believing in them and our shared victory!

Obverse: in the center, on a plain background, is the emblem of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; Below, to the left of the emblem, is the small coat of arms of Ukraine; Below, to the right of the emblem, are the face value 10 and the graphic symbol of the hryvnia; Above is the semicircular legend: ??

Reverse: Against the background of stylized waves there are various types of ships that symbolize the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition to surface forces, the navy also comprises naval aviation, marines, coastal artillery and other components; Above, against the backdrop of Ukraine's southern coastal borders and the country's exclusive economic zone, are the following legends: ??????????,/?

Country : Ukraine

Year : 2022

Quality : S/C

Face value : 10 hryven

Circulation : 1,00,000 units

Diameter : 30mm

Weight : 12.4g

Metal : Nickel plated