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10 euros FRANCE 2023 - LACOSTE

€99,00 EUR

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10 euros FRANCE 2023 LACOSTE

The reference to René Lacoste is twofold: this racket-shaped coin alludes to both the tennis champion and the designer of the first metal racket shown here.

On the contrary, the handle is similar to that of a real tennis racket, with the engraving reflecting the reality of the object. A crocodile and a ball are featured in the rope design. The Crocodile, René Lacoste's nickname, has become the brand's emblem. And as a tribute to Simone Thion de La Chaume, his wife and golf champion, the tennis ball has the texture of a golf ball.

In it reverse The same realism can be observed, with a single additional detail: the year of manufacture engraved on the top of the handle. The stringing is replaced by the iconic cotton piqué pattern.

And the string design appears on top of a pole placed below the face value, with the zeros resembling tennis balls.

  • Metal: SILVER metal 999‰
  • Weight: 14.60g
  • Quality: PROOF
  • Print run: 6000
  • Year: 2023
  • Face value: €10