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10 euros FRANCE 2022 - Smile

€20,00 EUR

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10 euros FRANCE 2022 - Smile

In 2022, Smiley celebrates five decades of smiles and optimism.

The iconic yellow and round figure was born on January 1, 1972 in France. Journalist Franklin Loufrani used this communicative smile in the newspaper France-Soir to highlight stories that raised the morale of the French. This operation, called “Take the time to smile,” was an immediate success.

In 1996, the logo was relaunched and declined in other forms (3D version) and new expressions were added. From the smiley to the emoticon, the smile comes in all its forms today. It is exported and becomes an ambassador of good humor!

On the obverse , you find the emblematic face: round, yellow, with two points as eyes and an arc of circle to represent a smiling face. Here, the emoticon is part of the “50 years of smile” mention, which celebrates the anniversary of a symbol of happiness, positivity and optimism.

On the reverse , the mention "République Française" and the face value are present, framed by two interlocking hexagons.

Diameter: 31mm

Metal: SILVER metal 333‰

Weight: 17g

Quality: Current quality

Circulation: 15000

Year: 2022

Face value: €10