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10 euros FRANCE 2022 - Asterix and the Griffin

€89,00 EUR

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10 euros FRANCE 2022 - Asterix and the Griffin

After the release of the first collection, which celebrated the upcoming new album “Asterix and the Griffon” in 2021, once again Monnaie de Paris continues to pay tribute to the most famous Gaul in 2022 with the second part of the collection.

The observation of this coin represents the cover of the new album Asterix and the Griffin. Our two heroes, created more than 60 years ago by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, find themselves in the middle of a snowy landscape. Asterix lurks on his horse, while Obelix tries to catch Dogmatix, perched on the top of a mysteriously shaped tree. But what is this creature? And where are our heroes?

The iconic comic book trio is found on the reverse of the coin. Here, Asterix and Obelix raise each of the numbers of the coin's value, showing the overflowing energy of the characters. Idefix, the faithful companion of our favorite characters, assists the two best friends. The mention “RF” is also found on the reverse.

The collection

Following the launch of the first collection celebrating the release of the new album Asterix and the Griffin in 2021, the Monnaie de Paris continues to honor one of the iconic figures of French comics at the heart of this innovative new monetary collection.

Translating comic book characters is an interesting but dangerous exercise. The transition from the comic strip to the volume must faithfully transcribe the clear line of the work of Uderzo and Conrad. These medals are the faithful representation of a graphic line of the French artist, it is a three-dimensional tribute that the artisans of Monnaie de Paris pay to the universe of Asterix.

Diameter: 56mm

Metal: SILVER metal 999‰

Weight: 22.20g

Quality: PROOF

Print run: 3000

Year: 2022

Face value: €10