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10 euros AUSTRIA 2023 - The marigold

€49,00 EUR

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10 euros AUSTRIA 2023 - The marigold

When marigolds turn their heads to follow the sun's path from east to west, they suggest that things are moving forward. Combined with its bright colors, this has given rise to meanings of joy, gratitude, warmth, affection, peace, protection, contentment and understanding. No wonder some people refer to the third flower in the Language of Flowers series as "the sun grass."

Marigolds encompass numerous plants of completely different species, the two most common being calendula and Tagetes. Both belong to the Asteraceae family, they are easily confused with each other and have many properties in common. Conveniently, the two species also have the same basic meanings in the language of flowers, many of which focus on positivity and patience. With their golden hues and positive energy, marigolds are said to bring light to any situation and have the ability to illuminate and guide us when we face challenges.

Their strong connection to the sun means that marigolds are also associated with heat, passion, sex and love. Apparently, both Calendula and Tagetes can be used in spells related to passion, creativity and warmth and have also been used in love potions and spells to maintain long-term devotion. Marigolds also have multiple culinary uses and health benefits, and these cheerful, exceptionally long-blooming, easy-to-grow flowers are perfect for brightening up our gardens and homes.

Symbolizing positivity, the obverse of the coin shows a young woman with her eyes closed and flowers in her hair enjoying the scent of a marigold. Alongside an ornamental side image of a marigold, the reverse of the coin features a pair of marigolds, both imprints of real flowers.

  • Issue date: March 8, 2023
  • Quality: Test
  • Series: The language of flowers
  • Face value: 10 euros
  • Coin design: Kathrin Kuntner, Rebecca Wilding
  • Diameter: 32.00mm
  • Alloy: Silver Ag 925
  • Fine Weight: 15.56g/0.50oz
  • Total weight: 16.82 grams
  • Packaging: Comes in a case complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a protective sleeve.