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1.50 euros SPAIN 2022 - TORO

€2.071,00 EUR


***The price may be modified even if the order has been completed if the gold has risen or fallen respectively.

THE CURRENT PRICE IS THE GOLD SPOT + 10% + €25 insured shipping . (€20 in the price of the coin and €4.99 at the end of the order with shipping costs)

The reverse of the coin shows the image of a bull in an advancing attitude, with the Mint mark and the year of minting 2022 to its left. On the right side, the legend TORO and at the top, the value of the piece: 1.5 EURO. Surrounding the images and legends is a graph of pine nuts.

On the obverse we see the representation of the motifs and legends of a royal column over a sea with waves, with the motto 'PLUS VLTRA'. In the upper center of the coin appear the Mint mark, a five-pointed star, the graphic symbol of the euro and the silhouette of the column. The legends 'FELIPE VI KING OF SPAIN' and '1 OUNCE 999.9 GOLD'. A graphic of pine nuts also surrounds the motifs and legends.

  • Country: Spain
  • Denomination: €1.5
  • Year of issue: 2022
  • Metal: Gold
  • Quality: Reverse proof *
  • Maximum emission volume: 12,000
  • Diameter: 37mm
  • Mint: FNMT – Royal Mint
  • Weight in ounces: 1
  • Weight in grams: 31,104
  • Purity: 999.9